Asobu® Portable Wine Chiller

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  • Asobu® Vin Blanc Portable Wine Chiller is the new craze for the wine connoisseur. As any wine maven knows the way to enjoy any wine whether white or red is when it is chilled to just the perfect temperature. Well that could pose a problem when transporting wine... so Asobu® has created the perfect solution. Both elegant and practical the Vin Blanc Wine Chiller is double walled and vacuum insulated keeping your wine perfectly chilled to be enjoyed at any time.

    The interior is cushioned so no worries about your wine breaking when bringing this awesome chiller to a cookout, picnic or even a wild party! The Vacuum construction will ensure that no outside condensation forms leaving your surface nice and dry.

    The convenient carry strap attached to the lid completes the practicality of the wine cooler. 24 hours of wine chilled to your specific liking whether its red wine or white that you prefer indoors or outdoors this portable travel wine chiller will last and last.

    This ingenious chiller is practical, safe and lightweight the perfect stylish carrier for your single standard size wine bottle.

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    get if for anyone that appreciates a good wine at the right temperature.